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ENGLISH PEKiP® , GT Okt. – Nov. 23

This is a parent-child course for october – november 2023 born babies

  • Beendet
  • 170 Euro
  • Laki Manawa


THIS IS AN ENGLISH SPEAKING COURSE ! Please be aware, that within this course we will only speak english, so if you are from abroad and not quite familiar with the german language and still you want to participate within a baby-parent course, then this is your chance to do so. What is PEKiP® ? Perceiving and supporting the baby's development in the first year of life is the focus of the PEKiP® (Prague Parent-Child Program). This course provides play and movement suggestions for parents with their babies from the 6th week of life to the 12th month of life and is limited to a small group of adults with their children. The course is therefore offered over several seasons throughout the child's entire first year. The babies are allowed to move naked in a warm room. Through intensive contact and close observation, you will find out what your child enjoys, how long they want to move and how they want to play. We want to support our babies by giving them enough time to - express its needs - move independently - observe itself and other babies - feel comfortable without clothes - experience its first social relationships with peers in a small group - contact other adults We want to take our time to - perceive the needs of the child - watch the baby - play with the baby - stroke the baby - accept the baby in its characteristics - support natural development - be happy together within our group among parents The teachers in the PEKiP® courses have the PEKiP® certificate. Material costs of €4 will be billed directly during the course, if required. The contacts in the group enable you to exchange experiences, learn with and from each other and discuss important topics such as development, nutrition, care, education, employment and other questions that concern us.


  • Heinkelstraße 27c, Schorndorf, Deutschland

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